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about anjali goods

Anjali is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred gift or divine offering, which is what my creative work is for me, and what I hope my creations will be for you. Anjali is also the name of the hand gesture we yogis use as a salute to recognize the divine within each being, done by placing the palms together at the heart. It is with my whole heart that I offer you my work.

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meet the maker

I'm Angela Bohl, the designer and maker behind Anjali. I design and craft everything by hand in my studio in the redwoods of northern California, where I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty all around me. I am always striving to find the most gorgeous materials, to have the smallest environmental footprint in everything I do, and to create the highest quality goods possible. My desire is for each being who wears my creations to feel the love, care and integrity that went into the making of it, to feel beautiful and uplifted, to see this adornment as a form of self-love.

I hope you will love your treasures as much as I love making them! 



I want you to feel good about a purchase that does no harm, that supports a world where no workers were exploited, where the materials used support the continuation of artistic & cultural traditions, or have been upcycled to give them another life. A world where business can be a force for good. I believe that with every dollar we spend, we’re casting our votes for the kind of world we want to live in. I work hard to make sure that each item I create reflects these values and I am 100% committed to continuous improvement towards ecological and social responsibility in all respects.


To that end, Anjali donates a percentage of profits each month to non-profit Action Against Hunger, working to end global hunger.

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